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About S.O.W Africa

S.O.W Africa was founded in 2017 under principles of purposeful and sustainable aid to the African continent. It is an organization committed to promoting growth in Africa, primarily by the resources the continent already possesses. To fulfill this charge, selfless service is S.O.W Africa’s priority. Focus groups are the organization’s major form of acquainting itself with the immediate needs of prospective beneficiaries(communities). Members of the Organization come from all over the continent. Both volunteers and members of the organization serve in African countries of their choice and in their area of expertise. This makes every member of the S.O.W Africa community connected across Africa through support, donations and volunteering.

Our Mission

To serve the under advantaged in a less mundane fashion. To help empower communities in a long-term manner other than temporary aid.
To make giving a lifestyle amongst millennials and those who are privileged to lead and are more economically stable around the entire continent.

Our Vision

That African communities shall have consistent and sustainable growth in all sectors of their livelihood.
That the African youth will be unified through serving in their diversified professions, grow in the area of servant-leadership and have connections with their peers from different nations.
To strengthen the various economic sectors of each African Nation from its grassroots.

Our Goals

S.O.W Africa will have various volunteers that will come from all parts of the continent who will organize focus groups in proposed areas that may be on S.O.W Africa’s heart to attend to.
By 2022, Phase 1 shall be accomplished in 10-15 African communities
Projects shall be fulfilled and through supervision and follow-up, progress shall be detected.


Nicole Njoku
Nicole NjokuFounder | President
Diane Isibor
Diane Isibor Finance Head
Amarachukwu Uche Anya
Amarachukwu Uche AnyaCo-Founder
Ugochi Amako
Ugochi AmakoTechnical Team Head
Somtochukwu Nnyammah
Somtochukwu NnyammahEvents Team Head
Olufunlola Bakare
Olufunlola BakareManagement Team Head


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