Creating a sustainable continent, from community to country

Service and Leadership

For efficient and unbiased service to the various countries of the african continent Sustain Our World Africa (S.O.W) is divided into teams of vibrant and dedicated members. These teams are made to accommodate those with a heart to serve in their various professions and life callings. Career paths should not limit anyone with a charitable heart. Therefore, S.O.W invites all youth with a heart for service to join a team! Anyone both within and outside the continent is encouraged to either join as a member of a functional team or as a volunteer. S.O.W aims to grow and connect future leaders through unity in service. By joining a team or being a team leader, you exhibit servant leadership; A way to empathize with grassroot issues, solve the problems as well as learn how to lead better. Welcome to S.O.W, Service is what we do!


Core Team

The Core team comprises of the Founder, Co-founder and the leaders of the other teams listed below. This team oversees all projects and the day to day activities of the organization. All documentation and official projects shall go through the core team before execution. Being a part of this team requires sacrifice, dedication and hard work. Anyone with valid experience in the functional team of interest can apply to be a Team leader.To do so, please contact us at or  


Technical Support team

The technical support team focuses on creating and maintaining technology used at SOW. These include our website, texting system and data management system to mention a few. It is also responsible for gathering and interpreting data on our projects and service areas to aid future decisions and measure success. Individuals with web design, information technology, information systems and data analytics experience are welcome to join this team.


Volunteer Team

This team is the heart of S.O.W. It consists of volunteers who are in all parts of the continent, dedicated to organizing focus groups to ensure the needs of our communities are met.Volunteers are widespread around the continent and ensure that Volunteers are widespread around the continent and ensure that the development implemented by S.O.W is sustainable. Without this team, S.O.W Africa’s vision and mission would be incomplete. Anyone from any career path  is welcome to join this team.


Administrative Team

This team keeps documentation and records of all activities held by the organization. As a member of this team, you will manage and update data provided from projects, events and volunteers. Anyone in administrative or data management career paths is welcome to join this team.

Management Team

SOW shall run based on this team’s advice on reaching its goals and what projects to take on. Also, this team is responsible for the ideation, planning and implementation of all projects at SOW. Anyone in a consulting career path is welcome to join this team.


Design & Communications Team

Here, we have the master-minds of creativity. They are in-charge of all promotions, marketing techniques and ideas. As a member of this team, you are able to freely express creativity by designing flyers, banners and managing our social media campaigns. All those with interest and skill in graphic design, writing, public relations, photography, web and logo design are welcome to join this team.


Finance Team

Our finance team is responsible for raising and managing all funds available to the organization. The team ensures funds are put towards areas where they are needed. This team is also responsible for assessing and making investments to grow the organization’s fund pool.This team comprises of trustworthy and credible people who have expertise in banking, investment, accounting and other financial services.


Events Team

As a member of this team, you are the fore-runners of all SOW events and projects. This team ensures every event or project is properly executed and successful in fulfilling its purpose.You will also work with other teams like the designs and communications team for example to ensure adequate promotion materials are made for the events. Careers in event planning, interior decoration, customer service, and others related to the above are welcome to join this team.


Professional Services Team

Our professional services team is specifically for those who desire to volunteer their expertise to go on mission trips focused on providing services like medical support, representing  people who can not afford legal aid and facilitating teaching programs to mention a few. To apply for membership on this team, you must submit professional documents such as certifications, your resume and a cover letter to


All members of S.O.W Africa are encouraged to register under a team of their choice. Serving under teams not only facilitates a better organization, but it also ensures that our talents are used in effective service to empower and develop the continent. If none of the above apply to you, feel free to contact us with your name, contact information and your suggestion.

All Team Leaders have autonomy over their respective teams. The leader has the ability to allocate members in his/her team depending on the tasks needed and in the interest of the organization.

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.


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