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The SoW Field is one built on integrity, trust and empowerment. We identify the critical problems present in the community and seek out efficient and sustainable ways to solve them in order to foster self sufficiency and development in our societies.

Why should you join our community?

Partnering with S.O.W Africa gives you an opportunity to be a change agent. Together, we will continue to advance the transformation of our communities, countries and ultimately, our continent.

What can I do in the field?

  • Sowers are an integral part of our success. Through your seeds, we are able to birth the ideas that breed and promote the change we desire in our societies.
  • Our planters are very critical to our success because we execute the ground work together. Our planters can either be growers or harvesters. You would find us travelling from community to community to examine areas that need help. We organize the focus groups and send back needed information for recommended aid.
  • Our Growers are the volunteers that re-visit previously visited communities with solicited help. We lend our talents and expertise to ensure that projects are effective and lives are being transformed. We work with one of our Seven (7) teams which you can find when you
  • Our harvesters are the face of S.O.W Africa. We execute projects through adequate planning and allocation of resources to implement initiatives. When they are not partnering with change champions to solicit help, they become Planters and Growers in the beneficiary communities.

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.


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